Welcome to our first Topic of the Week.  Let’s start the conversation with the equality question.

Where are we at with the equality of opportunity agenda?  Has the world accepted equality or is it just a few countries?  Are we really making any headway?  A varied set of news reports show that the topic is still high on reporters agendas and worth talking about but…………………………

A few ice breakers:

  • Do you think everyone now understand the term equality of opportunity?
  • What is the ratio of men to women in any particular job?
  • Do you think British companies  are really equal opportunity employers?

And in the news:

British Muslim women face ‘double bind’ of gender and religious discrimination
Muslim women are much less likely to have a graduate level job than Christian women with the exact same qualifications and are also less likely to receive replies to job applications

Women in public life are now being openly bullied. How has this become normal?
Brexit secretary David Davis says he wouldn’t hug MP Diane Abbott because “I am not blind”.

This is what gender inequality in Britain looks like in charts
% of female government ministers – 22.7%
% of female FTSE 100 bosses – 7%

The notion of “equality of opportunity” is just nonsense
The South African view?

So have we really moved on or has the last few years just been talk?

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