Beacon Education Partnership has been accredited with the nationally recognised quality mark for organisations which provide support to individuals to make learning and work more accessible – the Matrix Standard. Achieving the Matrix standard has been a long term goal for Beacon and it reaffirms our committment to quality practices across our entire organisation.

Matrix Report Highlights

Executive Summary

Having carried out the Assessment in accordance with the guidelines provided Beacon Education Partnership has demonstrated that it meets the matrix quality standard for information advice and guidance services. Accreditation to the matrix Standard is granted for the external and internal services provided by Beacon Education Partnership.

Beacon Education Partnership has sought from the beginning to be distinctive and to develop a reputation for the quality of the delivery and not “to be just another training provider.” Based on feedback from key stakeholders, this is becoming a reality.

“To be seen as a quality provider is everything to us. We’re prepared to sacrifice profit for quality in the short term.”

“Employers see us as credible and employer responsive.”

Beacon Education Partnership has established a range of strategic and delivery partnerships including with Skills for Health, other training providers, FE Colleges and a London borough. Described as being known for their sector knowledge and links with employers, completion rates way above the nation average are reinforcing the reputation being established for effective, timely quality delivery.

“Working closely with them, I realise they’re making a difference and it’s notable to observe that learners are having a good learner journey.”

Sometimes asked to support organisations at short notice to achieve on their own contracts, their flexibility, tailored approach to supporting learners and ability to achieve, are highly valued.

“Fantastic. Originally came on board to help with shortfalls.” “Have so many links in the NHS.”

”It’s their passion for the learners, not just numbers. They provide personalised support to help them achieve. It should be a given but as things are at the moment……”

Likewise, learners spoke very highly of the help and support they had received and some commented on how this differed from previous experiences with providers.

“Best NVQ training company I’ve ever come across and I’ve worked with a few.”

In its‟ policy statements, Beacon Education Partnership considers providing effective quality support to its workforce, as a major contributor in assuring quality learner services. The Assessment covered both services and confirmed that the stated commitment was borne out in reality with high levels of staff satisfaction with the support on offer.

“I didn’t realise how much help was on offer and to start with, I was like a caged bird with an open door.”

As a new and growing company, Beacon Education Partnership is consolidating current funding streams and seeking to reinforce its reputation for successful quality delivery whilst actively seeking new opportunities particularly those which reduce dependence on public funding. They are also exploring the potential for diversification away from sector training.

There are several major projects in the pipeline. Beacon is working with Skills for Health on the new Skills Academy for Health and is close to agreement on a partnership to train Chinese care workers to British standards, as part of a new retirement city being created.

“It may be a pilot but on a huge scale – very exciting.”