Eric Erhumwunse

Paula was a very motivating and understanding teacher. She has supported and helped me with many obstacles throughout my studies.

She guided me throughout the modules and how best to approach each task with me great feedback to improve my work and the understanding of what is required of me. 


Paula has led me to push myself further with my education. After completing this course, I would like to attend university to study Health and Social Care or maybe do a course that allows me to work with children. I have found that after years of being out of the education system, and coming back as a student again, it’s had its challenges and strongly believes that none of this would have been without the help from Paula and Beacon Education.

Tutuola Akisanya

Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care

My name is Tutuola Akisanya.

I am one of the students studying a Level 3 Health and Social Care course in Bedford.

Marva is my tutor – she puts fun into learning, and she is a great teacher. The class is fun and so it makes learning easy. 

I am a hard worker and like challenges. As the course is challenging, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and ambition and so I am self-motivated to achieve my goals for the future. 

I am eager to increase my skills and knowledge, and I believe that Beacon Education Partnership can offer me this.


I am doing this course as it will be beneficial for my career – I have been a carer for over 20 years and after this course I would like to study level 5 which will enable me to have a managerial post, to open a domiciliary care agency as I am passionate about taking care of the elderly.

I have studied several courses in health and social care before and l believe my knowledge, skills and experience will help me with this course greatly.

I am so blessed to be on the course. 


Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care

My name is Juliana. Like so many others, I lost my job in 2009 due to the recession. I didn’t know where to turn to. But then I have heard about jobs in Care and, after asking myself “can I do this care job?” I made my final decision and said to myself, I will go for it and give a try.

I was first employed as flexi staff member and within a few months I was a Full-Time Employee. I really enjoyed my new job so I decided to climb the ladder to the top! I have always wanted to go to University and after some great inspiration I said to myself that I could do it! So I decided to enrol for Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care with Beacon.

I had a very encouraging, fantastic and supportive Beacon Assessor named Barbara who was always there to help me! I would get anxious if I didn’t understand something, so I chased Barbara with emails, text messages, and phone calls and it didn’t matter how late or how early I chased, she was always there for me and always got back to me.

I have now completed my Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care; I am now going to pursue a degree course in Disability Studies. I am a very caring person, always ready to help others and my aspiration is to increase my skills and knowledge and develop managerial abilities to be able to work with people with disabilities and to complete my degree.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my employer, Beacon Education Partnership, my assessor Barbara, my manager, and all the staff around me.

Leanne Greenough

QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care

At the start of my QCF L3 HSC my job role was as a Domiciliary Care Worker. My job was to support service users to continue to live in their own home in safety.

My assessor Andy was very flexible with the very odd times of a Domiciliary Worker. Andy was very supportive throughout, being available at any time by phone and arranging meetings around my odd working hours. Andy was very good at explaining what the qualification needed and advising me on what work I needed to do to complete the programme. Andy was also very informative about possible progression opportunities within the Care Sector that a HSC QCF L3 may provide.

I found the work I did for my QCF very informative and I learned a lot, especially about sensory loss, which I have since put into daily practice as I support my service users.

Recently I have had a job offer which gives me more managerial responsibilities and I am looking for an opportunity to do a level 4 or 5 in my new job role.

Last year my daughter Vicky Greenough completed a QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care with Beacon and with Andy as her assessor. It was my daughter’s positive talk of her Beacon experience which motivated me to sign up for the course myself. Vicky has since been offered a job as a Support Worker in the NHS thanks to her completing her level 3 qualification.

This is an excellent programme which allowed my daughter and I to achieve the right qualification for our job roles and helped us progress within the care sector. I would recommend this programme to any care worker.

Andy’s support throughout was outstanding.

Hawa Sessay

QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care

I completed my health and social care level 3 with Beacon, I enjoyed the course and I found my assessor very helpful and supportive. She was always there on the phone when I needed her. She would explain everything in a way I could understand.

I’m currently on Maternity leave, but looking to start working in the next month.

The course has helped me a lot in my knowledge of Safeguarding so I hope that this will help in my search for work.

I would definitely recommend anyone completing this course.

Gladys Ohuimumwen

90 Credit Diploma in Health and Social Care

I completed my 90 credit diploma in Health and Social care with Roseline, when I first started I found it very hard. But Roseline was excellent and explained everything to me.

I called her all of the time when I got stuck and she always answered. She called me all of the time to, to see how I was getting on. She was very supportive and made the course easier for me.

When I got behind in class and with my homework, we did one to one sessions with me, so I could catch up.

I am currently looking for work in the health and social care sector and things are looking up for me.

Maano Sharif Noor

Level 3 Health and Social Care BTEC

After completing my level 3 health and social care BTEC with Beacon, it gave me the confidence to start my level 4.

If I hadn’t done my level 3 I would have not been able to even think about doing L4.  My assessor was very helpful and gave me support and guidance to get me through. I’m glad I completed it as it has given me a lot more knowledge.

Samantha Westfield

Level 3 Health and Social Care BTEC

I completed my level 3 BTEC with Beacon, I had a few issues to begin with, with the tutor, however once I got Sarah I got back on track and achieved my award.

She would do Skype lessons with me and I always knew she was on the end of the phone or email if I needed any help.  She set me realistic targets with helped a lot as you know what life is like!  

I’m currently not working as I have 2 Autistic children and I’m a single parent, but I really don’t want to waste my qualification, so I’m looking at contacting a careers advisor. I may look at continuing my education as this will work around my children.

Elinor Beecham

QCF Health and Social Care Level 3

I started my QCF Health and Social Care Level 3 while working for Q Care as a domiciliary support assistant.

Doing the Level 3 taught me a lot, especially about Sensory Loss and how to better support people with hearing and sight loss. I feel more confident with my skills and abilities as a Care Worker.

My Assessor Andy Harding was very flexible with his time and was always available by phone. Andy was very supportive and advised me on what evidence was needed and how to collect it.

I have now recently been offered a job with the NHS as a Support Worker.


Health and Social Care

Paula has been very kind, generous, polite, caring, and friendly to everyone throughout the course, we always have a good understanding of constructive feedback which is given by the tutor when we have completed each unit.

My assessor name is Paula Dixon.

Paula has been very supportive throughout the course. She has used PowerPoint for every unit I have found this very helpful as I can revisit them. 

Paula always gives us good quality verbally feedback which is very useful. This feedback allows to learn more about ourselves not just the course, Paula also directs us to where we can get help to improve on each unit.

We get given workbooks for every unit, we have to complete all the questions on all 7 mandatory units, and two optional units.

I have enjoyed doing the course with Paula I have gained a lot of knowledge and enjoyed meeting and interacting with new people.

Fatima Khaliefeh

It’s right to say that Beacon Education Partnership deserves to be truly praised for being the first supporter of me because it gave me the chance to reach the goal I had developed eight years ago. 

Beacon is renowned for its excellent programs and suitability for everyone’s needs in daily routines and the job market.  Eight years ago, I was a teacher for people with special needs that used sign language. I wanted to increase my knowledge and found that health and social care was the best option, especially after I had seen the details and saw how the study system is characterized by lessons every two weeks and how it was suitable for everyone’s time.  

The course was wonderful and effective thanks to my teacher Florie who possesses the knowledge, skills and performance that demonstrates that she is committed to the principles and objectives for the success of the study process for me.  I now have confidence to go out and look for work in health and social care.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my success.