The International Programme

Welcome to Beacon Education’s International Health & Social Care programme

  • If you are looking to work in care in the UK or abroad
  • If you want to go to University in the UK with a student visa
  • If you would like to gain a full UK level 3 qualification

Then this is the right place for you.

Your journey starts here

Level 3 Diploma in Principle of Health & Social Care – Payment in full

Level 3 Diploma in Principle of Health & Social Care – Pay in 3 monthly instalments

The International Diploma

So why the Industry Qualification (SFJ) level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care?


  • The SFJ Level 3 Diploma is the only UK qualification that allows overseas students to study and gain the full UK qualification from abroad
  • UK qualifications are recognised globally allowing our students to seek employment in any country including the UK
  • Recognised by the UK National Health Services as well as other care agencies
  • This is a “Qualification for Life”.  You can use it today but it will still be valid in 10 years’ time

A qualification opening the door to a world of international work or study.
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How to Study

This Level 3 Diploma is made up of 9 different units, each covering a key Health & Social Care subject carefully selected by UK care agency employers and the NHS to provide comprehensive skills and knowledge for you that is relevant to the sector.

We will provide you with everything you need to study, from individual pre-recorded teaching webinars to a comprehensive electronic text book and many levels of tutor support.

Watch the webinars, read the accompanying text book, complete the assignments and send them to your UK tutor. Your tutor will keep in touch with you throughout the programme offering all the support you will need to achieve.

Working / Study UK

The UK care market currently has 120,000 vacancies, jobs in the NHS or private care sector that you could fill.  This is the same across many countries around the world with vacancies in the care sector at all levels from new entrants to managers.

Employers are crying out for qualified staff and a job in care is truly a Job for Life!

The Beacon International Diploma is recognised as the Gold Standard and opens the door to a world of international work or study opportunities. So if your plan involves:

  • Working in the UK or abroad
  • Studying at a UK university
  • Studying at other overseas colleges or universities
  • Gaining a UK or overseas visa

Why not start your plan today?
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Eligibility & Costs

This International Diploma Programme is open to anyone studying outside the UK.  To be able to complete the course you must be able to:

  • Speak and write in English as the course materials and videos are in English and your personal tutor will be based in the UK.
  • Have access to a PC, laptop or tablet.  You will need this to study and communicate with your personal tutor in the UK

The cost of the International Programme is just £1,999, a significant saving over the UK price.  This covers all the learning materials, personal tutor support and certification by the UK awarding body SFJ.  We also include in the price guidance on visa applications and study in the UK and if you come to the UK we offer a guaranteed interview with one of our Partners Employers.

So why not enrol in your future today?


Do I need a smart phone?
No, you can complete the entire course on your home computer.

Do I have to have my own PC to study?
No, you can complete your work on any computer or tablet so long as you have your personal log-in details.

Do I have a dedicated tutor?
Yes, their details will be sent to you when you enrol and they will contact you soon after that.

How will I keep in touch with my tutor?
Your tutor will be available via email, WhatsApp and Skype throughout your course.

I’m in a different time zone to the UK can I still contact my tutor?
Yes, your tutor will email you back within 24 hours while also ensuring to arrange skype calls at times that suit you.

Do I have to have any care experience to do this course?
No, this course gives you all of the skills and knowledge you need to become a carer.

How quickly can I complete this course?
Most students take 9 months to complete but if you are willing to put in the hours you can pass the course in less time.

How long do I have to complete this course?
12 months, but we will consider extending your enrolment under special circumstances.

Is this course accredited?
Yes, the course is an OFQUAL accredited course and officially recognised both in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Are there any exams in this course?
No, to pass you will need to complete the assignments your tutor will set for you and answer a few additional questions they will set throughout the course.

Will I receive a certificate?
Yes the awarding body IQ will issue your certificate and we will send it directly to you.

Does the certificate ever expire?
No this is a certificate for life

How can I get a student visa in the UK?
Have a look at the section on our web site called Working and Studying in the UK

Will this course help me get a job in the UK?
Yes this UK qualification is recognised both within the UK and abroad.  Within the UK we offer a guaranteed interview with one of our Employer Partners

How will I apply for a working visa or student visa in the UK?
Have a look at the section on our web site called Working and Studying in the UK

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