Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

Statement of Service

About our IAG Service

This service is here to help you to make informed choices and decisions about courses that you may wish to undertake.

What Beacon Education Partnership can offer

  • A free confidential and impartial information and advice service which covers learning opportunities and qualifications available
  • Written information on all courses and learning opportunities provided by Beacon Education Partnership
  • Guidance on courses offered by other establishments where Beacon are unable to fulfil learner need
  • Support during your course to assist your learning, personal development and career progression
  • Advice and support to enable you to study effectively if you have additional learning needs
  • A signposting service to other providers and/or sources of information if we are unable to offer the information, advice and guidance ourselves
  • Information about Beacon’s complaints procedure and all of our other policies and procedures

What you can expect from us

  • Professional and knowledgeable staff who keep up to date with changing legislation that may affect the delivery of the service
  • Queries can be answered in a range of ways (telephone, email, face to face) to suit your needs
  • We will acknowledge or reply to your emails, telephone queries or written correspondence within 3 working days
  • We will be friendly, polite and considerate
  • We will maintain confidentiality in line with our confidentiality policy

What we expect from you

  • As much information as possible to enable the team to advise you appropriately
  • Prompt contact if you have any questions or concerns over your chosen course of study
  • Information about any special needs that you may have such as mobility access, hearing or visual impairments or language issues
  • The team expects to be treated with respect and not to be offended by use of language, actions or
  • behaviour.
  • Discriminatory language or behaviour is not acceptable
  • We expect that you will complete evaluation forms as requested to enable us to work towards continuously improving the service we offer


As part of our service we need to keep certain details about you on record. We may have to share some of this information with other people as part of our audit process. We will not however share your information with people who do not have authorised access to it.

Feedback, comments and complaints

To help us continuously improve our service we value your suggestions, comments, compliments
and complaints.

These can all be made anonymously if you prefer. All comments whether positive or negative will be acknowledged and appropriate action taken.

You can make a complaint to us either verbally or in writing to:

Christian Wilkins
Director of Contracts and Funding
Beacon Education Partnership
85-87 Bayham Street
London. NW1 0AG
Telephone: 0208 788 4007

Complaints will be treated in confidence and we will do our best to resolve it fairly and quickly in accordance with our complaints procedures.