Sadly, we live in complex and disturbing times with a ‘highly likely’ risk of terrorism as we have seen in Manchester, and again on Saturday night in London.

The first few minutes after an incident are the most important when attempting to save lives. Four experienced UK civilian and military clinicians have created an app, CitizenAid, to provide a quick guide to tackling the immediate issues after a terrorist event.

Find out more at the CitizenAid website:

You can download the free app here: 

CitizenAid Android
CitizenAid iOS

We would all hope we would never have need for such an ‘App’. However I also believe that we would all want to know we did all that we could if fate presented us with such a situation. I have a duty as Beacon’s safeguarding officer to promote safeguarding and ensure it’s always at the fore of our minds. Outside of that duty I feel we have moral duty to support our communities  and promote strong British values thus helping build a more stable and safer future for our children.