This month we explore the topic of ageism.  Maybe a well-known subject, understood by all, but maybe a subject that is really ignored or at best brushed under the mat?  It will be interesting to see how seriously your students take this topic compared to religious beliefs or disability.

Some ice breaker questions:

  • Have you any real life examples of ageism?
  • Do companies employ new staff if they are over 65?
  • Is age treated differently across different communities or religions?

A quick search for stories in the news show a diverse range of questions, from employment to sexuality and local authority preparedness and NHS treatment.

Put It Away, Madonna: We Like Our Older Women Invisible And Devoid Of Sexuality

Arriving at the Met Gala Madonna nearly broke the internet. Wearing a black lace Givenchy number, the 57-year-old was widely criticised for exposing part of her buttocks and her breasts. Twitter quickly erupted, telling us she ‘should know better’ or ‘shouldn’t wear that at her age’.


Standing Up 4 Sitting Down: Beating Ageism On The High Street

By 2039 more than 1 in 12 people will be 80 or over
A recent poll has revealed that 78% of older people don’t think that their town suits their needs


Ageism at work: ‘After 35 years my teaching life came to an abrupt end’

After 35 years my teaching life came to an abrupt end’

Age discrimination may be preventing older people from having access to vital surgery, a report suggests.

The Royal College of Surgeons and Age UK looked at surgery rates for six common procedures for English over-65s.

It found a wide variation in access to treatment depending on where people lived and a “worrying” difference between the over 65s and over 75s.

We hope you have a great month out there and do contact us with any interesting stories you pick up.