Last time we looked at equality in general so before moving on to other topics let’s explore this subject a little further. Wednesday was International Women’s Day.  In the news are current stories of individuals challenging corporate dress codes, flexible working and assertiveness.

Some questions that you may wish to use to start the debate

  • Should employers enforce a women’s dress code – high heels, hair styles or use of makeup?
  • If not then should men have to wear suits and ties, even in hot weather?
  • Is discrimination a women’s thing or do we also discriminate against men?

A few news articles to help the conversation:

Women are putting their foot down
What does yesterday’s parliamentary debate mean for high heels at work?

“Theresa May had a ‘man-size’ job” to do says Heseltine
Sarah-Jane Mee stepped in smartly to tell the former deputy PM: ‘It’s a woman-size job now.

Not enough women in Hi-Tech industries
A recent report found that 68% of startups surveyed had no women on their board of directors. Astonishingly, 53% of respondents had no women in their C-level management bodies.

5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men
To add balance and worth a read

I hope you enjoy using these this week.