Maybe one of the most relevant topics for your clients?  Working in care usually means lone working, often during anti-social hours and in various private homes.  So what do your students think about how safe they are and how they can be safer?  Here are some suggested starter question but be ready for a long conversation on this topic:

  • What do you think about lone work safety?
  • Have you ever read a company’s policy on Lone Workers?
  • What could you do to improve your own safety?
  • What could a company do?


All of the news stories are about social work or care worker tragedies.  I am not going to circulate these as it is unnecessary, instead here are a few links to other sources of help and advice around this very important topic.

Suzzie Lamplugh – possibly the best known Lone Work tragedy

10 Lone Worker Personal Safety Tips from Peoplesafe

Skills for Care

Sober reading but a must for your students who are, or plan, to work in care.