So, the time for cancer awareness has rolled around again, but this time with a different theme that can really link in with your course with us – ‘Close the Care Gap‘. Many of you completing the course will already be working in the sector, or looking to get into the health and social care in the future, so the issue of the care gap will be an interesting topic for you to take some time to consider.

There has been a lot of information about this in the news, so you may already be aware that we are in the middle of a care crisis in the UK, which hasn’t been helped by the various lockdowns and Covid restrictions being imposed by the government. If you’re interested in the care crisis in the UK there have been numerous articles that share the problem, have a look at the below as a thinking point:

This care crisis is not only affecting care homes and care workers in the UK, but also how quickly cancer patients are getting the treatments that they need to keep on top of their condition, and this has only been exacerbated by the Covid situation ( All of this helps to show just why this year the theme for World Cancer Day is ‘Close the Care Gap’.

Now that you’ve had a think on the care crisis currently in the UK, it’s time to stop and think what that means for cancer treatment around the world. We are quite lucky to have the NHS in the UK, whereas worldwide care is not always readily available for those that have had cancer, or are in remission from cancer, and so this year we are trying to help spread awareness and fundraise for the various gaps in cancer care around the world. 

You may be asking yourself why cancer? Why fund raise for cancer out of all the many conditions out there that people may need care for?

Did you know:

10 million people die each year from cancer.
By 2030, experts project cancer deaths to rise to 13 million. 
(Unless we all act now)

Cancer is a worldwide issue and is so prevalent in the world that nearly every person has been affected by it in some way – whether personally, through family members, or through acquaintances having cancer in some form. Many people are lucky, and they will manage to go into remission if they receive the treatment they need, however not everyone will be so lucky. Every year now World Cancer Day will come around to help raise awareness on the different forms of cancer and help to raise money towards both research and the care that is needed.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can follow the hashtag #CloseTheCareGap or you can find donation options at the following website:

Remember that wherever we live we all deserve to have the best treatment and care possible – so, on February 4th please help to raise awareness, and let’s all do our bit to ‘Close the Care Gap’ in both UK and abroad.