Care workers wearing pyjama-style scrubs at night-time to help patients
sleep patterns.

Care workers reduce residents’ sleep deprivation by wearing pyjamas.

The initiative met with a really good response from most of the residents
and we’ve seen a drastic improvement in their sleep patterns.

Music is a powerful, primeval force that stirs strong emotions and memories in humans. For this reason, it is used in reminiscence therapy to reach people with dementia. “Dementia DJ” plays ABBA and Ska to get residents dancing. Martin now regularly DJs for the ‘Cocktails in Care Homes’ project.

Residents were helped to make informed choices about risk taking to live
life to the full. The ‘Outstanding’ rated care home promotes positive risk taking helping residents skydive and climb trees

Their CQC report said “staff ‘go that extra mile’ to meet residents’ needs
and wishes” and use opportunities to stimulate residents’ interests and
learn new hobbies, including sky diving, climbing trees and learning to play
the harp.

Well done to their entire team for thinking outside the box.

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